The Boaters

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The Quartet

Our quartet was found during second half of 2014. At that time Honza, who was touched by the barbershop style and was reminded by one of the The Simpsons episode (S05E01) offered other members of the Sebranka choir in which he sang in that time to sing two barbershop pieces at the choir's concert. The quartet members were Mark, Honza, David and Lukáš and we sung arranges of Baby on Board and Jingle Bells. Because we enjoyed the singing of barbershops, we started rehearsing for the following concerts (still with the original choir). At the beginning of 2016 we were offered a joint concert with the vocal group Intonic and we were forced to invent a band name. At that time the name The Boaters was created based on the hat typical for the style (Boater) which we used not only for choreography. Another performances followed with ensembles Imbus, LeMaJa, KvOv and Všeljak and the competition at the Jirkovský písňovar contest.

Mark Karpilovskij

Lukáš Mrkva

Tomáš Lysoněk

Honza Stuchl

Honza got to the vocal music quite late because as a rude secondary schoolboy despised anything that was "weird". About 2005 (after high school, he could have been promoted) he was persuaded after the concert of Kratochvíle choir to start singing with them, although he did not know what tenor niether bass means. The beginnings were hard for him because he did not really know he was singing about a fourth or fifth elsewhere. However his bass co-singers along with the choirmaster tune him up in time. Hi started to like singing. Later in 2008 he also joined the Chorus of Charles University, where he was glad to sing with the ochestra including his favorite Stabat Mater by Antonín Dvořák and performing in the premises such as Vladislav Hall and Smetana Hall. Because it was not enough for him, he started to attend the Almae Matris - the faculty enseble Sebranka in 2011. Later in 2014 he went to Imbus choir from the longbreaktaking choir Kratochvíle. He met lot of amaying people in all choirs and perhaps also that motivates him to initiate the first barbershop performance at the Sebranka's Christmas concert in the Church of St.Mary and St.Charlemagne in 2014. His favorite music includes black and death metal, hobbies besides singing include playing the drums set and occasional playing on guitar